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Know people who know

Le 21 novembre 2017, 18:21 dans Humeurs 0

No faith without spirit, no faith without power. Beliefs and beliefs are like calcium in the human body. Calcium deficiency can lead to "cartilage disease." It is unstable and can not stand still. Beliefs and beliefs in your own heart should be like doing "big worship", be devout and persistent, and make belief in belief become their constant pursuit of life. Confidence comes from the heart of a self-confidence, confident people have a strong willpower, be able to pinpoint the goal, clenched their teeth, always indifferent, do not go to God, to eliminate all difficulties to win.
Ability, motivation, set force is a good "support point"
Only with the goal, it will not make the wrong priorities. Does the immediate matter seem important? To look a little further, one is so vast in this world, one is still a long way to go in life. So the most important thing is what? It is the ability to go further.
Career, occupation, sideline is dry and bad "watershed"
How to treat work? Some people regard it as a career, even life, fear of shoulders the burden, there is a strong sense of responsibility, sense of mission; some people put it just as a job, go to work is to feed their families, in order to "rice "What is the means and means of making a living? What is more, it is regarded as a sideline occupation. It has become a second profession, playing one's own" little ninety-nine ", busy with his own" little business "and planting his own" private plots. " Attitude reflects the state, attitude determines the state. Three different attitudes determine different outlooks on life, values ​​and career, but also determine whether one is doing more and doing less, doing well.
Contentment, lack of knowledge, I do not know enough is the life of the "calibrator"
", know who Ming; winner who force, since the winner is strong," this argument is to recognize themselves and challenge themselves in the first place. Everyone needs to know herself, understand herself in various ways, and find their place and direction. Enough to know music, know less courage, I do not know who to enter, handle the relationship between the three, they walked out of a small world of self, into the world of life, you will find an accurate life orientation.
Self-awakened, since the police, introspection is healthy and safe "early warning device"
Self-awakened, self-willed, self-examination is a kind of self-tapping. Self-examination is a torture of the soul and a torture of human nature. Only by constantly examining and reviewing oneself, can we constantly correct oneself and correct oneself without deviation or distortion Walk evil, always on the right path.

Cool season against gastrointestinal diseases

Le 26 octobre 2017, 15:35 dans Humeurs 0


After the frost, means facing the upcoming winter season. According to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau released information, after the frost in Chongqing city will usher in a new round of cooling rains. Then, during the season is the high incidence of disease of gastrointestinal tract. Citizens need to take preventive measures to avoid disease.

Why seasonal gastrointestinal disease incidence?

When the autumn and winter, the body is cold air stimulation, blood chemistry of histidine increased, increased gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal spasm contraction opportunities will increase greatly, decrease the resistance and adaptability. At the same time, with the cooler weather, people appetite, not eat dinner, such as string Hot pot spicy hot food, it will make the stomach and duodenum of the burden, easily lead to the occurrence and recurrence of old stomach stomach juris doctor hong kong.

Gastrointestinal diseases mainly gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, such as unscientific treatment dragged into a chronic disease, the pathogenic factors of gastric mucosa in chronic stimulation occurred under the gastric mucosa cell changes, it is prone to atrophy, intestinal metaplasia. According to the clinical data showed that the age, incidence of gastrointestinal disease rate is high, especially in 50 years old into more frequently, if not timely treatment, long-term repeated attacks, easily transformed into cancer, so the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases is particularly important rent apartment.

Note that three season prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

1, the diet should be balanced

Gastrointestinal health is closely related to diet. Protect the stomach, eat less food that may hurt the stomach, such as seafood, beef and mutton, soy products, coarse grains, strong tea, coffee and so on. In addition, we should eat less bitter food, control the intake of alcohol, but also the choice of the kinds of food. Diet should pay attention to the balance of diet, meat and vegetables should be balanced intake incorporate hong kong company.

If you eat a vegetarian diet, eating only vegetables and fruits a day, the stomach will be empty two hours; if the diet contains a lot of fat and protein, it takes six hours to empty. Gastrointestinal emptying time is too short, will lead to indigestion, can not completely absorb nutrients in the food; emptying time is too long, it will abdominal flatulence, increase the burden of gastric mucosa. So the daily diet should be meat collocation, make food maintained at four hours after emptying.

2, avoid bad mood

In winter, the trees begin to fade, it is easy to have a pessimistic mood, coupled with the cold weather will affect the secretion of human neurotransmitters, especially people who work indoors all year round, or less out of the elderly, and usually more sensitive to cold, more prone to depression.

Excessive depression, grief, fear, tension may lead to gastrointestinal peristalsis, indigestion symptoms, leading to functional gastrointestinal disease. Therefore, winter should be appropriate in the sunshine time outdoor activities, good at resolving bad mood. In the tension of life, work, pay attention to work and rest, to ensure adequate sleep, to avoid the stimulation of bad mood, every day to maintain a good mood.

3, pay attention to stomach warmth

The recent rain continued to cool significantly, in order to keep out the cold, blood flow to the body, make the gastrointestinal blood supply is reduced, so that the gastrointestinal function decline, for chronic gastritis or chronic gastrointestinal diseases, will show a decline in stomach, stomach, stomachache, postprandial fullness, belching symptoms. In order to gastrointestinal health, should pay special attention to keep warm, especially for frail elderly people, this time Long Johns, thin sweater, jacket can be worn on the back foot, keep warm belly warm warm, avoid cold induced gastrointestinal diseases.

you have been living in my heart

Le 11 octobre 2017, 05:36 dans Humeurs 0

A wisp of autumn wind, a autumn rain, a few Xu Qiuxiang, very pleasant. I really want to hold a multicolored pen, slowly painting, coloring, the blank sheets of paper filled with rich color, painted a beautiful picture, let it penetrate the fleeting small Mo beautiful rainbow. Time is quiet, love is warm. How to keep the night dream, looked up the autumn rainy night lingering, your shallow smile, cover my worldly worries. Open the gates of memory, let the past miss Yixieqianli, worry with visible before the eyes, the wind vanished away, let the memory The imprint is engraved on my heart. forever service apartments.

The past has been stranded, beautiful meet, lonely into this life's deepest obsession. Origin edge off, rub shoulders back, page scrolls, 189799, this life meet, I love again. This can with you a drink in your lofty, ease the pain of missing years. If you own the world, love is too crazy. There is a love, regardless of distance, but it can be lasting, can thousand years. A language, not a sound, but his heart; a miss, invisible, blending is the heart pulse and heart.

The world of mortals, Baiyiqianqian people, do not step back, not step in the evening, just to your life. This is not a kind of deep love. Yilianyoumeng, fleeting as silk, the water read time, beauty in Jiao Jiao curl in the autumn and the atmosphere of reunion in exile, as miss the candle in the wind swaying and festival. This life, because of your company and meet. Don't miss it. My heart will go with my love, Xu heart a d start hong kong companyestination, Xu love a long, Xu Jinsheng a happy, carefully guard the two hearts of the throbbing.

This piece of Xinyu, be full of Acacia crooning, youth beautiful, love in the journey of beauty, that is the intoxicating heart, that is moreish, had to let the heart and mind rippling in the wonderful heart, let your mind with great comfort. Because of you, I am rich, year after year. Because of you, my heart has become so soft and sunny, from the moment you fall into my eyes, you are engraved in my fleeting time and begin to blink in my time.

Look outside the shop or anxious or rain, such as well-proportioned notes, bouncing in the heart, is bringing a burst of inexplicable palpitation, makes people think it is kind of desolate lonely beauty brings is a lonely and desolate double different kind of mood. No matter how time changes, no matter how the face changes, you have been living in my heart wine wset .

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