A wisp of autumn wind, a autumn rain, a few Xu Qiuxiang, very pleasant. I really want to hold a multicolored pen, slowly painting, coloring, the blank sheets of paper filled with rich color, painted a beautiful picture, let it penetrate the fleeting small Mo beautiful rainbow. Time is quiet, love is warm. How to keep the night dream, looked up the autumn rainy night lingering, your shallow smile, cover my worldly worries. Open the gates of memory, let the past miss Yixieqianli, worry with visible before the eyes, the wind vanished away, let the memory The imprint is engraved on my heart. forever.

The past has been stranded, beautiful meet, lonely into this life's deepest obsession. Origin edge off, rub shoulders back, page scrolls, 189799, this life meet, I love again. This can with you a drink in your lofty, ease the pain of missing years. If you own the world, love is too crazy. There is a love, regardless of distance, but it can be lasting, can thousand years. A language, not a sound, but his heart; a miss, invisible, blending is the heart pulse and heart.

The world of mortals, Baiyiqianqian people, do not step back, not step in the evening, just to your life. This is not a kind of deep love. Yilianyoumeng, fleeting as silk, the water read time, beauty in Jiao Jiao curl in the autumn and the atmosphere of reunion in exile, as miss the candle in the wind swaying and festival. This life, because of your company and meet. Don't miss it. My heart will go with my love, Xu heart a destination, Xu love a long, Xu Jinsheng a happy, carefully guard the two hearts of the throbbing.

This piece of Xinyu, be full of Acacia crooning, youth beautiful, love in the journey of beauty, that is the intoxicating heart, that is moreish, had to let the heart and mind rippling in the wonderful heart, let your mind with great comfort. Because of you, I am rich, year after year. Because of you, my heart has become so soft and sunny, from the moment you fall into my eyes, you are engraved in my fleeting time and begin to blink in my time.

Look outside the shop or anxious or rain, such as well-proportioned notes, bouncing in the heart, is bringing a burst of inexplicable palpitation, makes people think it is kind of desolate lonely beauty brings is a lonely and desolate double different kind of mood. No matter how time changes, no matter how the face changes, you have been living in my heart.